Feng Shui for the New Year!

December 19, 2010

The Chinese New Year officially begins February 3, 2011.  The HSAI Calendar shifts on February 5th.  The time to prepare is now – clear your clutter, remove old, unused possessions and clothing.  The benefit to beginning now will be a less stressful holiday season!  Quoting a friend of mine – Lisa Montgomery of Feng Shui Arizona (www.fengshuiaz.com) begin with the following preparations:

The Wealth Area:  Remove things that are silver, round, metal or white.  Anything made of heavy metal like knives, swords, empty boxes, dead or dried plants, trash cans and shredders.

The Family/ Health area: Remove any pictures of things that are not healthy or too abstract, again anything dried or dead, anything metal or white.

The Knowledge area: Remove any books that are no longer supportive to your present needs, this area needs to be de-cluttered.  If it is in the garage remove any garden tools that may be stabbing into the energy of the knowledge area.

The Career and Life Path area:  Remove anything overly square and reduce earth colors like beige and browns where possible. Anything that is old or unwanted.  Unclutter this space so the path through your Career area is completely clear.

The Helpful People and Travel:  Remove any candles, or representation of fire, this includes red walls and things are pink or orange.

The Children/Creativity:  Remove any candles, pinks oranges or representation of fire just like Helpful People. Remove anything that makes you feel sad or melancholy.

The Relationship area: Remove any photos of single people and water pictures. Keep the plant energy subtle.

Fame: Remove any representations of water, that includes pictures, fountains, fish and even seashells.

That should be enough to keep everyone busy for now 🙂  Moving energy is healthy energy!

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